Representin 37 MFers

Yo Yo Yo! Fo all you haters out there, shit is about to get real up in this joint. Know what I’m sayin? This one is for all those pussy ass haters who be out there hate’in. Best check yoself! Know what I’m sayin? Cause we comin fo you with this track. Two years in the studio perfecting this cut yo! Shit be sick! Sick homey! Yo check it. This cut used to be about the struggles in Darfur and all that wack shit with the Janjaweed fool. We may be all up in some wack shit yo but we do not support political and religious oppression nowhere yo! That shit is not cool! But check it. With the outpouring of celebrity support for our peeps in Darfur we decided our sick beats would feel contrived and ingenuine. So we changed that shit straight up to be all about haters. Cause you know. haters be hate’in fool!

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